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Signatures for Petition to the DoD and US Government- No Pay We Walk Away

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1 AmyBatman  
2 TylaOldham I sleep every night with a man that returns to rhe time he held his best buddy as he died in his arms after a helo crash. You can not take money from a man who sleeps in the past every night it is wrong.
3 StephanieRumsey My husband to serves in the US Air force and this is unfair to dangle our pay checks until an agreement is made when the US military has no say so in the decision. We are speaking now!
4 Pastor JerryMooneyham  
5 mitchrenfro Hooyah
6 TerryDorsey Do what's right....
7 TheresaJohnson I have many family members that are either current,or former, Military...How can you cut their pay, when they are putting their lives on the line to keep your safety and freedom protected??? What is wrong with you??? You want to save money? END THE WAR!!
8 PamelaMcConnell As I am sure you well know, many of the young men and women serving in the Armed Forces are barely scraping by on the meager income they are paid. To withhold their pay while you quibble is unreasonable!
9 MindyNottage  
10 DebraHawkins The politicans are STILL getting paid and they STILL have health insurance. They found money to fund a war in Syria, but can't find the understanding to settle differences???